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am Sa Jul 07, 2012 7:45 am
Titel: 100 Superhits - The Elvis Collection

One - Side 1:
Heartbreak hotel
I was the one
I want you, I need you, I love you
Don't be cruel
Hound dog
Love me tender

One - Side 2:
Anyway you want me
Too much
Playing for keeps
I'm all shook up
That's when your heartaches begin
Loving you

Two - Side 1:
(Let me be your) Teddy bear
Jailhouse rock
Treat me nice
I beg of you
Wear my ring around your neck
Hard headed woman

Two - Side 2:
I got stung
(Now and then there's) I fool such as I
A big hunk o'love
Stuck on you
A mess of blues
It's now or never

Three - Side 1:
I gotta know
Are you lonesome tonight ?
I feel so bad
Little sister
I can't help falling in love

Three - Side 2:
Rock-a-hulla baby
Anything that's part of you
Good luck charm
She's not you
Return to sender
Where do you come from
One broken heart for sale

Four - Side 1:
You're the devil in disguise
Bossa nova baby
Kissin' cousins
Viva Las Vegas
Ain't that loving you baby
Wooden heart

Four - Side 2:
Crying in the chapel
If i can dream
In the ghetto
Suspicious minds
Don't cry daddy
Kentucky rain
Excerpts from Elvis sails (interview)

Five - Side 1:
Puppet on a string
Poor boy
I want to be free
Doncha' think it's time
Young dreams

Five - Side 2:
The next step in love
You don't have to say you love me
My wish came true
When my blue moon turns to gold again
Lonesome cowboy

Six - Side 1:
My baby left me
It hurts me
I need your love tonight
Tell me why
Please don't drag that string around
Young and beautiful

Six - Side 2:
Hot dog
New Orleans
We're gonna move
King Creole
I believe in the man in the sky
Dixieland rock

Seven - Side 1:
The wonder of you
They remind me too much of you
Mean woman blues
Lonely man
Any day now
Don't ask me why

Seven - Side 2:
(Marie's the name) His latest flame
I really don't want to know
(You're so square) Baby i don't care
I've lost you
Let me
Love me

Eight - Side 1:
Got a lot o' livin' to do !
Fame and fortune
Rip it up
There goes my everything
Lover doll
One night

Eight - Side 2:
Just tell her Jim said hello
Ask me
Patch it up
As long as i have you
You'll think of me
Wild in the country

Label: RCA International
Land: Niederlande
Erschienen: 1982
Kat.- Nr.: NL-43290

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