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Titel: The Elvis Presley Interview Record – An Audio Self-Portrait

Seite A: The 1956 Interviews

Excerpts from a TV Guide Interview 1956
Col.Tom Parker
Excerpts from a TV Guide Interview
Vernon & Gladys Presley (Tupelo, Mississippi 26.09.1956)
Elvis Presley (Tupelo, Mississippi 26.09.1956)

Seite B: The 1960/1961 Interview

Image change since discharge from the army (by accident or design?)
Elvis talks about his mother
How does Elvis view himself?
Does he enjoy his work?
How does he relax?
Does he have any time to read?
If so, what does he read?
Does he like himself?
Does he like to work?
If he were starting out again (in 1961) would he do anything differently?
Does he have any specific goals for the future?
Does he think he has changed much as a person?
How does he view the criticism that has been leveled at some of the people surrounding him?
If he were a father and could only give his child one piece of advice, what would that be?

Label: RCA
Land: Deutschland
Erschienen: 1985
Kat.- Nr.: PL 80835

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